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Blow-up of an image of a circuit board from an Apple Computer 1.

Resource guide to microcomputer systems and programs to aide people with motor, speech visual and hearing impairments.

A book about designing computer courseware.

Atari 800 Control Graphics Keyboard illustration. from the manual.

Various software and manuals for the use of the Microsoft Basic II programming Language.

Peoples Computer Company Alumni Pages

A web site dedicated to collection input from PCCers and promoting future activities.

Automodem for the Commodore 64.

The Commodore 64 Macro Assembler Development System software package
allows one to program in the native 6500 series Assembly language code,
directly on the Commodore 64 computer. Features include: a
powerful macro Assembler, editor, loaders and…

This innocuous little letter gives us a hint of a controversy that raged for about 20 years. Some people really believed that computers had no place in the classroom. It is amusing that this note is addressed to Dennis Allison, one of the founders of…

Cover of the BASIC Application Programs- Mathematics I booklet.

"A Parents' Survival Guide... Finally! A Computer Book That Lets Parents Catch Up With Their Kids!"

Poster paper delivered at conference in Netherlands in about 2006

Project Framework for the History of Computing in Education (that would later become HCLE) in 2007

Flyer for the History of Computing in Education (that would later become HCLE) website in 2007

Founder and Executive Director of LO*OP Center, Inc. and Vision Keeper for HCLE. Educational researcher and ed tech pioneer.

Poster for kid's stuff at the LO*OP Center in Cotati.

Image of an early Apple ][ with junior high student.

Story about the Apple I by Liza Loop.

Biography and links to publications and projects

Note from the desk of Mary Ann Jones originally attached to a copy of a Tutorsystems book from 1971 sent to Liza Loop.

This report written by OMSI addresses the difficulty in creating an ongoing interest in a museum.

Although the Personal Software Company's major contibution was the Visicalc spread sheet it started out by offering games.

Agreement in Russian and English for CAF and Touch Science.

Tutorsystems course outline from 1975.

Printout of short program output and listing. Used in teaching beginning BASIC language programming and garbage in - garbage out concept.
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